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Free, convenient and secure, the online Skills Passport allows you to house your CV, career plan, qualifications, achievements, and references in one convenient and highly functional place!

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Skills Passport: Your online professional portfolio!

Your own online professional portfolio, visible to 10s of thousands of employers who are looking for new and skilled team members, just like you!

Employers are using Skills Passport as their priority for finding just the right person today!

Upload your details, your gravatar, as well as the following professional information about yourself:

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Skills Passport: Your online professional portfolio!

Skills Passport is growing rapidly, and so are the things you can do there! Soon you’ll be able to create your own video and image gallery so that you can demonstrate your skills in realtime!

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Apprentice Skills Pathways

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Apply to be part of the Skills Pathways Program and we’ll find the right apprenticeship and training for you. We’ll match you with the right restaurant and registered training organisation. Importantly we’ll provide on-going support and a Skills Passport to monitor your progress along the way.

The initial phase of this program covers the following 4 courses:

  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery — Apprenticeship

You will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to operate as a trade cook in a commercial kitchen. You will learn how to produce quality foods, plan menus, control costs and work as part of a team in a hospitality environment. Practice skills will be developed for the hygienic preparation and service of a range of meals in a professional manner. The course also contains a range of elective units specific for various industry sectors.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

This certificate is for qualified cooks and recognises prior learning and training. This course builds on your trade qualification and will develop your knowledge and understanding of hospitality management. You will gain an additional skills set encompassing human resources, customer service, finance and work health and safety practices, whilst exercising your own judgement and flair.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

  • Certificate III in Hospitality (Apprenticeship — Front of House)

This competency-based pathway program provides entry-level practical skills and relevant theoretical knowledge in: providing service to customers, safe work practices , coaching, hygiene practises for food safety, introduction to food knowledge, food and beverage service, coffee and beverage knowledge. The course also contains a range of electives that will enhance your skill set.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

  • Apprentice Supervision

Have you considered a supervisory role? The Skills Pathways Program can support you in undertaking formal training that assists in the effective management of apprentices and identifies what to do and where to go for support, such as the Apprenticeship Mentors at Restaurant & Catering Australia.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

The registered training organisations participating in this Skills Pathways Program are:

Apply online now!


Learn how Discover Your Career can help you!

Learn how searching for hospitality and tourism jobs and training opportunities is made easy via Discover Your Career and Skills Passport.

What can I do?

The hospitality industry is growing and there’s a shortage of good people to fill these great jobs right now!


William Angliss Institute - Apply now for July start

Interested in becoming a leader in the Foods, Hospitality or Hotel Management industries?



Supercharged by HTN


HTN Apprentice Chef

Meet HTN Apprentice Abby Goodwin. Abby Goodwin entered the Proud to be a Chef Competition and was lucky enough to go to the Melbourne cook-off.



Gold Coast Tourism Week

The inaugural Gold Coast Tourism Week from 1-7 July will celebrate the significance of tourism to businesses and residents of the Gold Coast economically, culturally, socially and historically.



QLD Young Tourism Leaders

There’s never been a better time to launch a career in tourism. From hotels, resorts, transport and travel, tourist attractions and adventure tours – the possibilities are endless to build a successful, lifelong career.

Job opportunities range far and wide to include media and marketing specialists, graphic designers, business managers, developers, hospitality roles, tour guides, pilots, flight attendants, cruise industry jobs, boat captains, finance specialists, travel agents and event managers.

With global tourism growth breaking records and Queensland’s tourism industry growing strongly, it’s never been a better time to work in tourism.

Over 20,000 new jobs are expected to be created in Queensland’s tourism industry by 2020. An industry that is worth $23 billion and supports over 200,000 jobs.



Hear more below




HTN - Total Chef Professional Program

Take your Passion to a Professional Level. Obtain a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery and realise your dreams with workplace experiences, masterclasses, competitions and more!



William Angliss short course - Operation Dessert Storm

This is the Mother of all dessert classes. Mount a military operation today and cook up a dessert storm in your kitchen. Your objectives are clear; draw a line in the (dessert) sand and beat the aggressor!

Discover how to make gorgeous restaurant worthy desserts and then learn the secrets to garnishing and plating them like the professionals.

Learn how to craft a five textured chocolate desert with an emphasis on the construction and the finished produt; garnishes includes mini ‘cavier’ and chocolate decoration. This class is designed to challenge and inspire, with a strong focus on detail, flavour, presentation and technique.


Take home all you bake in class.

A light lunch is provided for all class participants.

On completion of this class you will receive a certificate of attendance.


American foodies get a taste of Restaurant Australia

Tourism Australia and Visit Victoria showcased Australian food and wine at Los Angeles’ largest food festival in May, the Los Angeles Times Foodbowl.



Coffee Woman of the Year!

William Angliss Institute Coffee Academy specialist teacher Melissa ‘Mel’ Caia was the first recipient of the Australian Specialty Coffee Association’s (ASCA) Eleonora Genovese Coffee Women Awards.

In conjunction with the Genovese family, ASCA introduced the Eleonora Genovese Coffee Woman of the Year to honour the legacy of Eleonora and recognise the women following in her footsteps.

Mel received the Coffee Woman of the Year for her contributions to coffee over more than 20 years working in hospitality and was nominated by Veneziano Coffee Roasters’ Craig Dickson.

Her current role includes coordinating specialist coffee training at William Angliss Institute, managing state and national clients’ training programs, and nurturing skill development to improve employability for students from disadvantaged communities.

Mel said she has met some some incredible and inspirational colleagues who have helped her on her coffee journey – including Eleonora. “I have a strong commitment to the growth of women being involved and recognised in the coffee industry.  My aim is to encourage women to get involved and be at the forefront of the work they do. I believe women have a strong role in this industry and of course, it’s proven that often women have heightened sensory perception and the best palates! “ Mel said.v_9afc471c400aba6d62fff9b9f1259943

Mel is an ASCA judges’ calibration and accreditation lead instructor, having judged both state and national barista competitions for a number of years. In 2015 Mel also sat on the advisory board for the Royal Agriculture Society of Victoria Australian International Coffee Awards and remains a current member.

Certified as a World Barista Championship sensory judge from 2013-2015, she has recently re-certified for 2016-2018.  In her ninth year of barista and coffee judging, Mel said she still loves the sensory component to coffee judging and is constantly amazed at how unique the product is and how the industry has progressed and evolved.

“My key priorities are ensuring I pass on these experiences and information to new and future judges through mentoring and coaching,” Mel said.

For more information about The Coffee Academy courses on offer visit William Angliss Short Courses.

Visit article https://www.beanscenemag.com.au/news/article/asca-acknowledges-melissa-caia-and-lucy-ward-with-eleonora-genovese-awards