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Skills Passport: Your online professional portfolio!

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Skills Passport: Your online professional portfolio!

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Apprentice Skills Pathways

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Apply to be part of the Skills Pathways Program and we’ll find the right apprenticeship and training for you. We’ll match you with the right restaurant and registered training organisation. Importantly we’ll provide on-going support and a Skills Passport to monitor your progress along the way.

The initial phase of this program covers the following 4 courses:

  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery — Apprenticeship

You will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to operate as a trade cook in a commercial kitchen. You will learn how to produce quality foods, plan menus, control costs and work as part of a team in a hospitality environment. Practice skills will be developed for the hygienic preparation and service of a range of meals in a professional manner. The course also contains a range of elective units specific for various industry sectors.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

This certificate is for qualified cooks and recognises prior learning and training. This course builds on your trade qualification and will develop your knowledge and understanding of hospitality management. You will gain an additional skills set encompassing human resources, customer service, finance and work health and safety practices, whilst exercising your own judgement and flair.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

  • Certificate III in Hospitality (Apprenticeship — Front of House)

This competency-based pathway program provides entry-level practical skills and relevant theoretical knowledge in: providing service to customers, safe work practices , coaching, hygiene practises for food safety, introduction to food knowledge, food and beverage service, coffee and beverage knowledge. The course also contains a range of electives that will enhance your skill set.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

  • Apprentice Supervision

Have you considered a supervisory role? The Skills Pathways Program can support you in undertaking formal training that assists in the effective management of apprentices and identifies what to do and where to go for support, such as the Apprenticeship Mentors at Restaurant & Catering Australia.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

The registered training organisations participating in this Skills Pathways Program are:

Apply online now!


Learn how Discover Your Career can help you!

Learn how searching for hospitality and tourism jobs and training opportunities is made easy via Discover Your Career and Skills Passport.

What can I do?

The hospitality industry is growing and there’s a shortage of good people to fill these great jobs right now!


Fancy a career in resorts?

The William Angliss Institute is an industry leader when it comes to developing world-class travel and tourism graduates, and its resort training is no exception.

Travel is an incredibly diverse, exciting industry to work in, and resorts are one very special component of this area. The growth of the online travel resources means the resort market is now more competitive than ever, and if you want to set yourself apart from the rest you'll need a high quality education from a superior institute.

Our resort training in Melbourne allows students to gain specialised industry training and qualifications tailored to particular areas of the industry, including alpine, dive and water recreation. We pride ourselves on honing the skillsets of our students, as well as providing practical, real-world training, allowing them to hit the ground running in their chosen careers upon graduating. You'll benefit from superb on-site facilities and industry partnerships that provide unique insight into the world of resort management.

Start with a Diploma of Holiday Parks and Resorts then specialise in one of the three areas mentioned below:

Water Recreation

Turn your love of the water into a full-time career by combining your resort management qualification with a Certificasailingte III in Outdoor Recreation (Water Recreation). Your studies will see you undertaking a huge range of activities, training and study, preparing you to lead and guide water activities including snorkelling, boating, and kayaking, plus a variety of water sports and beach and resort activities.

This course includes plenty of practical sessions, and can also cover an international study trip and a Yachting Victoria Industry Certificate. Course units include boating, water rescue, sustainability, environmental studies, first aid and plenty of other interesting - and useful - areas of study.


Aspiring Diving Instructors can combine their resort management courses with a Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation (Dive) for a career that has endless potential all over the world. As well as receiving advanced dive training, students also get a Scuba Schools resortsInternational (SSI) dive qualification. Practical sessions and subjects which cover open water diving through to Open Water SCUBA Instructor training. Various specialties such as night, navigation and deep diver specialty courses will develop skills to make you job-ready on graduation. On top of all that, this course also includes and international study trip. Course units include customer service, dive rescue, first aid, occupation health, water rescue and more. On completion, students are qualified as an open water SCUBA instructor.


Specialise in alpine summer and winter activities when you undertake a resort management qualification. You can complete guide-level training in a diverse range of subjects, including snowboarding and skiing, tours, mountain biking and bush walking. This range of disciplines allows students to have year-round career prospects no matter the season.Skiing

The qualification is nationally recognised and can take graduates all over the world - including during an interstate or international study trip whilst studying. Course units include accommodation services, customer service, sustainability and the aforementioned sporting pursuits.



Bachelor of Resort and Hotel Management

Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Diploma of Holiday Parks and Resorts / Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation 

(specialising in Alpine)

Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Diploma of Holiday Parks and Resorts / Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation 

(specialising in Dive)

Diploma of Travel and Tourism (Specialising in Ecotourism)

Diploma of Travel and Tourism

Diploma of Holiday Parks and Resorts / Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation 

(specialising in Water Recreation)

Certificate III in Travel

Diploma of Travel and Tourism (Specialising in Ecotourism)

Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Certificate III in Aviation

(Flight Operations)

Certificate III in Guiding



Certificate III in Tourism


TAFE QLD Hotel and Hospitality School

TAFE Queensland's Hotel and Hospitality School (QHHS) is training the next generation of five and six-star workers and invites outstanding applicants to join their flagship program,



HTN's Peter Howard Culinary Scholarship

Each year, HTN selects a winner of the prestigious HTN Peter Howard AM Future Chef Scholarship.



Looking for guaranteed work? Aspire is for you!

How does a guaranteed placement into some of Australia's best kitchens sound to you? Then this could be the perfect opportunity for you!



Fancy a career in resorts?

The William Angliss Institute is an industry leader when it comes to developing world-class travel and tourism graduates, and its resort training is no exception.



Australian Tourism Awards - 2017 Winners

The Australian Tourism Awards are the tourism industry’s peak Awards – recognising and promoting excellence in tourism.

First established by the Federal Government in 1985, the Australian Tourism Awards are now owned and managed by Australian Tourism Awards Inc, on behalf of the tourism industry.

A wide and diverse range of tourism businesses enter their state and territory Tourism Awards. Over 200 reach the prestigious status of becoming a national finalist.

Winners from these finalists are announced at the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards Ceremony in front of an audience of their industry leaders and peers.

The prestigious Hall of Fame trophy is awarded to an entrant who has won the same category for three consecutive years.

See the 2017 winners HERE


Quality early morning coffee in Melbourne is a hard find but an easy sell

The market for good coffee before the sun rises is booming...learn more about this new industry trend at The Age.

(Image courtesy of The Age)

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The Star Sydney is looking for Apprentice Chefs

Star Sydney are currently taking expressions of interest for enrollment in The Star Culinary Institution to start in early December.