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Free, convenient and secure, the online Skills Passport allows you to house your CV, career plan, qualifications, achievements, and references in one convenient and highly functional place!

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Skills Passport: Your online professional portfolio!

Your own online professional portfolio, visible to 10s of thousands of employers who are looking for new and skilled team members, just like you!

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Upload your details, your gravatar, as well as the following professional information about yourself:

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Skills Passport: Your online professional portfolio!

Skills Passport is growing rapidly, and so are the things you can do there! Soon you’ll be able to create your own video and image gallery so that you can demonstrate your skills in realtime!

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Apprentice Skills Pathways

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Apply to be part of the Skills Pathways Program and we’ll find the right apprenticeship and training for you. We’ll match you with the right restaurant and registered training organisation. Importantly we’ll provide on-going support and a Skills Passport to monitor your progress along the way.

The initial phase of this program covers the following 4 courses:

  • Certificate III in Commercial Cookery — Apprenticeship

You will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to operate as a trade cook in a commercial kitchen. You will learn how to produce quality foods, plan menus, control costs and work as part of a team in a hospitality environment. Practice skills will be developed for the hygienic preparation and service of a range of meals in a professional manner. The course also contains a range of elective units specific for various industry sectors.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

  • Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery

This certificate is for qualified cooks and recognises prior learning and training. This course builds on your trade qualification and will develop your knowledge and understanding of hospitality management. You will gain an additional skills set encompassing human resources, customer service, finance and work health and safety practices, whilst exercising your own judgement and flair.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

  • Certificate III in Hospitality (Apprenticeship — Front of House)

This competency-based pathway program provides entry-level practical skills and relevant theoretical knowledge in: providing service to customers, safe work practices , coaching, hygiene practises for food safety, introduction to food knowledge, food and beverage service, coffee and beverage knowledge. The course also contains a range of electives that will enhance your skill set.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

  • Apprentice Supervision

Have you considered a supervisory role? The Skills Pathways Program can support you in undertaking formal training that assists in the effective management of apprentices and identifies what to do and where to go for support, such as the Apprenticeship Mentors at Restaurant & Catering Australia.
Download the brochure (PDF 500KB)

The registered training organisations participating in this Skills Pathways Program are:

Apply online now!


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Learn how searching for hospitality and tourism jobs and training opportunities is made easy via Discover Your Career and Skills Passport.

What can I do?

The hospitality industry is growing and there’s a shortage of good people to fill these great jobs right now!


TAFE NSW: Cookery and Wine Courses

Do you have a passion for food or wine? A chef or sommelier course will put you in the world of great taste.



World's 50 Best Restaurants - #50BestTalks

To celebrate The World’s 50 Best Restaurants coming to Australia, superstars from the culinary world including Massimo Bottura (Osteria Francescana), Grant Achatz (Alinea), Gaggan Anand (Gaggan) and Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park) will join Australia’s Peter Gilmore (Quay) to take part in discussions on global gastronomy in Sydney and Melbourne between 1 – 3 April.


Get a first class career in hospitality...

Tracy created her own destiny by working her way into tourism and framing her life around it.



TAFE NSW will help hone your ambitions....

Matt Moran learned his culinary craft at TAFE


take your super with you!

Culinary careers - hungry for your own success?

Michael actively sought an opportunity to discover a locale where he could mix his hunger for quality produce with his culinary intelligence



Students choose TAFE for a global education experience

In partnership with the Global Education Skills Alliance (GESA), TAFE QLD Brisbane's Study Abroad program gives students the opportunity to gain international work experience and immerse themselves in a different culture, creating unforgettable memories.

Students in selected courses can participate in a short-term study tour or an international internship packaged with a language program; scholarships are also available.

A wide range of study areas have the opportunity to study abroad, including tourism, hospitality, events and business.

View the full list of courses here.


With most industries now operating in a globalised market, the students had chosen a programme that would help prepare them  for overseas work opportunities and to meet the needs of international markets from Australian business.


Learn more about TAFE QLD's Study Abroad programmes...


Study tour programs for students starting in 2016

Excellence in hospitality, Switzerland study tour

Travel, tourism and events, Hong Kong study tour




Queensland Hotel & Hospitality School graduates fast-tracked into jobs

A partnership between TAFE Queensland and The Star Entertainment Group, the school was launched in 2015 to train the state’s next generation of five and six-star hospitality workers.

The school is helping build a pipeline of future tourism workers ahead of the Queen’s Wharf Brisbane project that will require 8000 operational roles, amidst a shortage of hospitality workers in Queensland. Of the graduates employed, nearly 30 per cent are now employed by The Star Entertainment Group, while the remaining 70 per cent have been employed by the wider industry.

As one of the first 14 students who graduated from the school last year, 20-year-old Richard Tidswell today works as a food and beverage attendant at The Star Entertainment Group’s Treasury Brisbane property.

“The past year working for Treasury Brisbane has been great for my career – I’ve grown more confident in my barista and bartending skills, but also in being able to interact and develop relationships with customers,” Tidswell said.

TAFE Queensland CEO Jodi Schmidt said the school was leading the charge to prepare Queensland’s workforce for the thousands of new jobs expected in the coming years, including the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

“The results after the first 12 months are fantastic and demonstrate how our school can give students an edge, especially through the work experience they receive with leading industry employers like The Star Entertainment Group,” Schmidt said.

Queensland Hotel & Hospitality School currently offers three different types of programs: International Hospitality Service Program, culinary arts apprenticeships or front-of-house apprenticeships.

The Star Entertainment Group managing director and CEO Matt Bekier said the one-year anniversary is an important milestone ahead of significant tourism infrastructure projects in South East Queensland, including its Jupiters Gold Coast and Queen’s Wharf Brisbane developments.

“We’re delighted with the great outcomes the school is achieving, and how the employment gained by graduates in the wider industry shows the value these courses are bringing,” Bekier said.

“We look forward to achieving even bigger numbers in the years to come as our company, and industry, continues to grow and transform.”
This story appeared in Open House Magazine

Stanley College

Master of Food Systems and Gastronomy at William Angliss

Do you want to generate positive change within the food system?


Australian Tourism Awards

TAFE QLD tourism, travel and hospitality

Get the edge you need to quickly progress through the ranks in the tourism and hospitality industry.