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Win a $250 Westfield Gift Voucher Competition

Hospitality is a great Industry to work in! Travel the world! Use your artistic flair to create amazing dishes. We have a $250 Westfield Gift Voucher up for grabs, just for creating your own Skills Passport and telling us which restaurant you would love to work in and why! You may have eaten there and enjoyed the food and service or you may have heard it would be a great place to work. Register for your Skills Passport and tell us which restaurant you'd love to work in and why.

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Are you passionate about cooking? Pursue a career in hospitality and start an apprenticeship so you can get up every day excited to go into work! Register your interest at https://skillspassport.net/ , Email us at restncat@restaurantcater.asn.au , or call us on 1300 722 878 for more information. #apprenticeship #hospitality #chef #cook #career #mentor #restcatering #learn #worksatisfaction



Three tips for apprentice chefs that will serve you well for your career! Are you interested in becoming an apprentice chef? Register your interest at Skills Passport , email us at restncat@restaurantcater.asn.au, or call us on 1300 722 878 for more information.