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Did you know that hospitality has the highest growth of any sector? Getting into hospitality at a young age is a great way to learn skills, meet industry leaders and travel the globe. Completing an apprenticeship can also help in the long term also by enabling you to one day potentially opening your own business.

Restaurant & Catering Australia aims for an additional 250 apprenticeship commencements each in Queensland, Victoria and NSW in the hospitality sector to meet the demands of the industry


  • Strengthen employer and community engagement with apprenticeship and training
  • Increase uptake and completion of apprenticeships and traineeship
  • Improve and enhance the quality of training being delivered
  • Create more streamlined systems and processes both for employers and learners

Give us a call if you are interested on 1300 722 878!

Claire Van Vuuren, Chef and Owner of Bloodwood Newtown  talks about strengthening employer and community engagement with apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a great way to commence your career in the hospitality industry. Claire Van Vuuren, Chef and Owner of Bloodwood Newtown, talks about her experience of working hard and getting noticed in the industry. Like Claire, you too can be mentored by industry leading chefs and succeed in a fast-paced industry. Travel the world and commence your career in an exciting industry with a hospitality apprenticeship!

Register your interest in undertaking an apprenticeship in the hospitality industry by emailing us at restncat@restaurantcater.asn.au

Nino Zoccali of Pendolino Restaurant discusses the importance of on-the-job training and what doing an apprenticeship could do for you.

Nino Zoccali of Pendolino Restaurant talks about how great it is to complete an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a great way to get paid while you learn skills on the job.  For those who love food and wine, an apprenticeship within the hospitality can be a great career!. An apprenticeship not only teaches you on-the-job skills, but also how to run a business, gaining skills in finance, business operations, and marketing.

Register your interest in undertaking an apprenticeship in the hospitality industry by emailing us at restncat@restaurantcater.asn.au

Peter Doyle describes his motivations for leading the Merivale apprenticeship program, including his desire to keep learning and the benefits of working in hospitality.

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The hospitality industry is growing and there’s a shortage of good people to fill these great jobs right now!


Win 1 of 2 $200 Westfield vouchers Competition

Hospitality is a great Industry to work in! Travel the world! Use your artistic flair to create amazing dishes. We have 2 x $200 Westfield Vouchers up for grabs, just for telling us which restaurant you would love to work in and why! You may have eaten there and enjoyed the food and service or you may have heard it would be a great place to work. Now tell us which restaurant you'd love to work in and why.


Passionate about cooking? Start your apprenticeship now!

Are you passionate about cooking? Pursue a career in hospitality and start an apprenticeship so you can get up every day excited to go into work! Register your interest at https://skillspassport.net/ , Email us at restncat@restaurantcater.asn.au , or call us on 1300 722 878 for more information. #apprenticeship #hospitality #chef #cook #career #mentor #restcatering #learn #worksatisfaction


Recipe Call Out!

Got a great recipe? Does it involve hummus, bacon or hamburgers? Even better! We'd love to share your recipe and attract more apprentices into cookery based on your brilliant invention!



Eat what you want day

Today is Eat What You Want Day! What a great excuse to indulge and treat yourself to your favourite foods. What’s your favourite meal? #EatWhatYouWantDay



Best Baristas, No Mugs!

R&CA QLD Council member Jai Leighton discusses the perks of being a barista in the Advertiser on 6 April 2019.


Responsible Service of Alcohol Training

Tuesday the 7th of May, 9am - 4pm AEST. Qualify for employment in the hospitality industry with the mandatory RSA training (L&G NSW). This liquor & gaming NSW approved course explains the legal responsibilities related to the sale, supply, and service of alcohol. Learn more here



Three tips for apprentice chefs that will serve you well for your career! Are you interested in becoming an apprentice chef? Register your interest at Skills Passport , email us at restncat@restaurantcater.asn.au, or call us on 1300 722 878 for more information.


PorkStar’s 2019 Line-up!

PorkStar’s 2019 Line-up! These talented PorkStars are leading the way, making it a very happy, prosperous and extremely delicious 'Year of the Pig'! Full line-up left to right: Back row: Amy Hamilton - Liberté, WA, Emma McCaskill - SA, Nick Holloway - Nu Nu, QLD, Matt Stone - Oakridge, VIC Front row: Damien Pignolet - Industry Legend, NSW, Troy Crisante - Quay, NSW, Jo Barrett - Oakridge, VIC, Louis Tikaram - E.P. & L.P., Los Angeles, USA Check out their recipes at: https://www.porkstar.com.au/


Village Feast at Jindivick

Despite the cold and rainy conditions on Saturday, the Village Feast at Jindivick was a wonderful celebration of the beautiful produce from the Gippsland region. Such a fun filled day of plentiful food, wine and music greatly supported by the industry.


Competition Time!

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Take a photo of your favourite breakfast, whether it is made by you or at your favourite café and tell us in 50 words or less why you’d make a great chef. Prize includes a $50 iTunes voucher and some wonderful cookbooks. Email your entries to restncat@restaurantcater.asn.au. Competition closes Thursday, 28 February at 5pm AEDST