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Backed by some of the largest players in the hospitality and tourism industries and developed to suit their needs, Discover Staff is rapidly being adopted by employers who are keen to get priority access to motivated individuals and make use of the tools available to streamline candidate selection. To find out more, read on!

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Advertise jobs to qualified and interested candidates

To reach the right candidate, Restaurant & Catering Australia and other industry members currently have priority access to our industry apprentice and job search tool. Upload your job vacancies directly by creating a Skills Passport Venue Profile now.

Advertised positions are visible to all users of the Discover Hospitality and Discover Tourism websites as well as individuals with a Skills Passport profile of their own, including all current Skills Pathways participants. Access highly motivated individuals and directly view their online resume and background within Skills Passport when they apply for your advertised position.

Visibility of your Skills Pathways participants’ progress

Restaurant & Catering Australia can work closely with you to match you with the right candidates and training pathways. Developed to increase the quality of applicants, as well as up-skilling chefs and supervisors, the Skills Pathways Project provides on-going support and online monitoring of competency based progress and milestones.

Your participants’ progress and results are visible to you at any time, together with other information they have added to their passport, and information on applicants for your posted positions.

skills pathways

Connecting restaurants with the right apprentices and providing dedicated support throughout the program

Restaurant & Catering Australia is working closely with registered training organisations to match the right candidates and training pathways to the right restaurants. Developed to increase the quality of applicants, as well as up-skilling chefs and supervisors, the Skills Pathways Project provides on-going support and online monitoring of competency-based progress and milestones.
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The initial phase of this program covers the following courses:

The registered training organisations participating in this Skills Pathways Project are:

Apprentice Supervision

Have you considered a supervisory role? The SkillsPathways Project can support you in undertaking formal training that assists in the effective management of apprentices and identifies what to do and where to go for support, such as the Apprenticeship Mentors at Restaurant & Catering Australia.

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The registered training organisations participating in this SkillsPathways Project are:

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