Apprentice Support Network

Mentoring is widely seen within the Industry sector as an important ingredient in achieving successful outcomes for Australian Apprenticeship System. The Restaurant and Catering Association (R&CA) recognises the value of mentoring and pastoral care in supporting the workplace training of apprentices and sees this support necessary to the functioning of an effective Apprenticeship System with return on investment by way of high completion rates.

From the 1 July 2015 the Mentoring Program is now provided under the Australian Apprentice Support Network includes developing relationships with apprentices, personalised meetings keeping apprentices informed about opportunities relating to their apprenticeship, liaison with registered training organisations regarding off the job training, providing support and advice and being available to talk to apprentices about any issues they are having. As well as providing targeted mentoring and assistance, the mentoring program will support employers as well, many of whom do not have the time or experience to manage the issues that arise for apprentices. There are currently no facilities to provide a high level of pastoral care and mentoring to those apprentices employed directly by Restaurants, Cafes and Caterers.

Employer Benefits

  • Practical support for the workplace, supervisors and your staff
  • Get more from your apprentices
  • An employer friendly advisory service to you
  • Help with on the job training and support issues relating to your apprentice
  • Timely interventions to help keep your apprentice with you
  • Harmonising the work environment and building a better culture within the business

Apprentice Benefits

  • The opportunity to be mentored by experts
  • Excellent career advice and access to a network of other apprentices in the industry
  • Guidance with work and life issues
  • Real advice on the realities of apprenticeships across the industry
  • Help with any problems with study, meeting standards of training, and work related issues
  • Future employment and training pathways

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Career Pathways

The Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service provides some great resources on the pathways you can follow in hospitality and tourism, together with the qualifications  you’ll need to get started and progress your career:

For more information please visit Australian Apprenticeships Pathways or The Australian Apprenticeships & Traineeships Information Service.

We have also provided pathway information for the following roles, outlining the training you will need to undertake for each:



Hospitality employees gain the necessary skills for their jobs in a variety of ways. Some learn on the job, some have gained skills in other industries such as retail that are readily transportable to hospitality, and others have gained formal qualifications through training.

Some positions in hospitality require formal qualifications, other positions, especially entry level positions, value attitude and previous experience just as highly. However, to progress in the industry and to get a foot in the door in some sectors, formal qualifications are highly valued and necessary. The type of training that you can do in the industry varies from short-courses and on-the-job training to courses undertaken at tertiary education providers.

You can get information on the various education and training opportunities that are available from various sources including this website. Some additional sources are listed below:

Also, have a look at our Skills Pathways Program for apprentices and trainers.

What can I do?

The hospitality industry is growing and there’s a shortage of good people to fill these great jobs right now!