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International Tourism is at a record high

Australia’s world-class tourism industry has experienced a record-breaking year with significant increases in international visitor arrivals and tourism expenditure. The Government today released Tourism Research Australia’s State of the Industry 2015 report which shows international tourism leads the way, with inbound arrivals increasing by 6.6 per cent to a record 6.6 million arrivals in 2014-15. With continuing growth comes a growing need for workers to service our visitors and be part of Australia's 2nd fastest growing industry. Discover Your Career in Tourism & Hospitality now - if you want a career, Tourism & Hospitality want you! Search jobs now with the links above and explore your options at Discover Tourism and Discover Hospitality, where you can create your Skills Passport to start you on a fantastic career journey.  


Quality early morning coffee in Melbourne is a hard find but an easy sell

The market for good coffee before the sun rises is booming... (Image courtesy of The Age)



Is your business mobile friendly?

Is your business website mobile friendly? If the answer is 'no', make sure you read this.. as you might disappear from Google searches!



Social Media Award

The Social Media Award is designed to encourage and recognise the use of social media within the restaurant and catering industry. Not on Instagram? That's fine. Your business doesn't need an Instagram account to enter. Find out more here: http://buff.ly/1Kq3vHv||